The Way We Do It!

Mine is the ONLY TOUR that offers direct contact with past guests by email!! They are happy to share their enthusiasm for the value of the time with me. We continue to expand our NETWORK OF PEOPLE OF INTEGRITY and we share the names of those who have demonstrated a lack thereof.

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I and the Expats you will meet on the tour, will share with you our first hand experiences with the medical, pharmaceutical, insurance systems, banking, residency application, shopping, legal, real estate, rents, transportation, restaurants, the monthly cost of phone, electricity, water, Direct TV, Internet service, and gas. If you decide to move here, there are many factors to consider in deciding what to bring with you, (the costs and method) and what to buy here.

More than fourteen years of touring many types of people from many parts of the world reinforces my belief that there is no universal perfect location. Almost everyone who lives here in Costa Rica claims they have very close to their ideal set of conditions. Of course, there are many people who choose to live in Minnesota with its mosquitoes and extreme temperatures or Florida with its mosquitoes, rain, heat, and Hurricanes.

This is why I encourage all guests to keep an open mind while we visit the places I have chosen as “Benchmarks” of the many factors, which will affect their satisfaction of lifestyle. I provide a checklist of factors and ask each guest to score the various factors of living for each of the areas we visit. Not surprisingly, each area becomes the NUMBER 1 choice of someone.

I limit the tour to a maximum of 12 people to maximize your personal attention. Please select a tour from the “tour dates” page. Email or call me to assure there is still room on that tour and I will pencil you in for that tour. Then as soon as you have finalized your airline reservations, please complete the reservation form here, so that we can lock in your reservation.

If you are going stay more than the 3 days of the tour, I recommend you schedule them for after the tour so you can take advantage of all you will learn and spend the extra time in the areas you like the best.

One of our major concerns about moving here was the quality, availability, and cost of medical care. Now that we have all of these years of experiencing all levels of the system, we would rather face a health or injury situation here than anywhere we know of. You can check out the facilities and costs at four of the major private Hospitals at: La Cima HospitalHospital Biblica, La Católica and Hospital Metropolitano.