My Typical Tour


Sunday, Day 1



Tours start off from the Adventure Inn at 7:30 AM.

Eric and his staff at the Adventure Inn are excellent hosts. They offer free airport pickup and delivery as well as free breakfast and discounts to our guests for US$ cash.

Hisilicon K3

7:30am Guests eat breakfast while we begin the endless stream of information about living in CR

  • Leave Alajuela through Garita to the Pan Am highway and up through the center of  our 1st BENCHMARK town; Grecia.
  • Stroll around the Grecia Central Park to get a feel for the beauty, serenity, and friendliness of the locals.
  • Visit our friend’s house above Grecia to see our 1st BENCHMARK rental house. What is the current costs and availability. They will tell their story of their move here, their moving costs, living costs, mistakes, and their current opinions on any related topics you ask about.Group at Grecia rent house
  • Visit one of MANY Tico Furniture Factory’s in Sarchi to learn about quality, cost, and variety of furniture.
  • Visit furniture factories to see quality and prices
  • Pass through another BENCHMARK town, Naranjo, overlooking the Central Valley
  • Go to various rental properties in San Ramon to meet the owners. Learn about features and costs of fully furnished rentals. 
  • 12:00 noon: Lunch in San Ramon at one of several upscale Tico Restaurants frequented by Expats from the area. Here you will sample several of the tipico natural fruit drinks and fresh fish, vegetables, and meats until you are FULL. Most guests are very happy to learn of the low costs of all of this food and drink.
  • Visit an expat couple and their inspired rentals, gardens, and activity center.  
  • The Community Action Alliance of San Ramon will present their amazing volunteer work and how you can get involved.
  • Visit several upscale, Ocean View projects 6 minutes from downtown San Ramon to see examples of rentals, homes for sale, as well as AWESOME LOTS.

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5:00 pm: Dinner party at a home, less than 10 minutes from the Center of San Ramon, overlooking the Gulf of Nicoya, the Pacific Ocean, and mountain ranges. At this party, you will meet locals who have chosen the San Ramon area. You are encouraged to ask any questions you have about living in CR.

Monday: Day 2

7:30 am: Breakfast with more Expats to discuss more of their experiences and opinions.

Spend the morning on a gentle walking tour of downtown San Ramon.  Meet some of the health professionals that we know and trust, and highly recommend:  everyone from a U.S. trained, English Speaking Dentist, to the friendly, English speaking pharmacists with the best prices to help your medical needs.  

Walk through state of the art medical centers and labs that offer fantastic medical plans, english speaking specialists for every type of need from chiropractic to cardiologists and get to know who they are and what they have to offer.

As you enjoy San Ramon centro, you will get a feel for the flare that the City of Poets has to offer.  Enjoy a snack from a local vendor, take a peak at the amazing architecture of the town’s church, and get a glimpse of Costa Rican life in San Ramon as you enjoy the park and people watch.

There is also quite a bit of new construction going on in the surrounding areas of San Ramon.  We will also take you to visit some of the building in process which will give you a good understanding of how great the construction is for everything that makes Costa Rica special.

          After fully experiencing San Ramon we will Return to Western San Jose on the Pan American highway and the new Caldera Tollway to the more ‘big city’ areas of the greater San Jose Metropolitan area.

Enjoy lunch in Santa Ana at a favorite local restaurant.

  • Visit one of 4 EXCELLENT PRIVATE hospitals in the San Jose area. You will hear actual stories of my many experiences and costs.
  • Visit the new Pricesmart super store in Santa Ana. This is a sister company of Cosco.
  • Drive through Santa Ana and Ciudad Colon to see new CAJA Public Hospital in Santiago de Puriscal.
  • Visit one of our many EXCELLENT Veterinarians.
  • Expat party and supper and enjoy how you can ‘live in the view’ at a network members home in CASAS DEL BOSQUE HOMES & TOWN HOMES de Puriscal.
  • Meet and visit with folks who have made the move to our chosen area
  • And see the SPECTACULAR NIGHT LIGHTS of the Central Valley from our North patio.
  • View from our North Patio June 5 2015
  • Stay at local resident’s home and continue to learn more about their lives in Costa Rica.

Tuesday, Day 3


  • Breakfast with Expat hosts.

  • Tour other BENCHMARK projects and rentals in Puriscal area. All of these are to show you the actual choices past guests have made in their decision to rent or buy here in Puriscal.

  • Visit Barbacoas de Puriscal CAJA EBAIS, our local Public Doctor office and our CAJA Pharmacy.

  • Visit our local convenience store. The Owner stocks articles we like from Costco.


  • Lunch at our new super view Restaurant above the Central Valley.

  • Hear presentation from our recommended Immigration Attorney about Residency and other legal recommendations.

After Roberto’s presentation:

  • Return to Western San Jose or stay in Puriscal area.


    meals, drinks, snacks, room, transportation


    $1,295 for a couple,        $1,195 for a single



If more than one date works for you, please let us know so that we can plan the best tour possible for you!
Availability of private tours to be determined based on desired dates.
Dates subject to availability.