March Regular Tour and More!

Continuing to Expand!

After some delays with getting the plans through the approval process we have the Building permit for Dr John’s house on lot 4 of our 1st project here at Dos Vistas del Pacifica. The foundation was completed in Feb and now we have the walls up.


There is now only 1 lot in this project that does not have a home. It is lot 3 which came back on the market when the 1st Owners got a divorce. It is very similar to and right below Dr John’s lot. It is priced at $75,000.


This lot has ½ acre with 2 levels and lots of fruit & flower plants.



Photos from March 2014 Regular Tour




Villas Galavista

We began construction of Guest house on lot 1 Villas Galavista.



We now have the Building permit and plan to begin new Spec house on lot 3 of 3 in Bajo Burgos project in April.



This house should begin in April. IT WILL SELL FOR UNDER $150,000 INCLUDING APPLIANCES & CLOSING COSTS.

The Spec house Lot 1 of 3 in Bajo Burgos is now “Grayed” in.


This house is for sale “Grayed” in for $122,250 Including Transfer taxes AND FEES.

The budget to finish out VERY NICELY is $53,000

The last 4 houses we have finished ALL CAME IN UNDER THE BUDGET.

Plans for Lots 2 and 11 Villas Galavista are in process with construction to begin soon.

We are adding 3 SUPER VIEW LOTS.

I want to thank all of the people who help with the tours. You really are appreciated by me AND ALL OF THE TOUR GUESTS.