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Where exactly is Costa Rica and what is the weather like there?

Costa Rica is in the Central Time Zone (with no daylight savings change) at 8-10 degrees latitude. The weather is a function of many factors like altitude, prevailing winds, time of year, etc. The good news is you can pick your temperature and live without air conditioning or heating.

Why should I take your tour when I can read Blogs or go to a Seminar and hear “EXPERTS” tell me all I need to know about living there?

1. Think about the fact that anyone can write a Blog. Any serious person will realize after seeing the MANY errors of facts, half truths, myopic views, and exaggerations, on most of the Blogs and English press, that by being here in CR and visiting COMPETENT, HONEST EXPATS, can you get enough OBJECTIVE information to prevent a costly mistake. It is true, some folks have come here jumped in and been very happy. They are usually not typical North Americans. They usually have lived or are from countries other than USA or Canada.

1A. Was Atenas actually ranked #1 climate in the world by National Geographic magazine?  NO, that is a lie perpetuated by unscrupulous tour operators and others who want to scam you.

2. Think about why you would spend hundreds of dollars to travel to CR plus stay in a fancy (expensive) Hotel to get nothing more than basic information that is easily available on the internet. If you pay more, these same forums offer “tours” to their selected Real Estate projects where the emphasis is on “BUY NOW IN PARADISE”. Several of my past Guests have written their evaluations and comparisons of the Hotel Seminars vs my tour at my “Testimonials” at  https://costaricaretireonss.com/testimonials/


What should I bring with me for your tours?

Pack as lightly as possible. We load and unload the bus each day. We are very casual. Be sure and bring a good sun hat, a light rain jacket, a comfortable pair of walking shoes, a sense of humor, a sense of adventure, and a lot of patience.

Can I bring my pet with me while enjoying one of your tours?

We can discuss this. It can be done.

If I have extra time when I visit Costa Rica, can you show me more of the country?

I have trusted associates in most areas in which you might be interested. Check the “Tours Link” for more information.

Is Costa Rica safe?

Costa Rica is one of the “safest” countries in the world. You will learn how to easily avoid the higher crime areas and how to easily determine the really safe areas of CR. You will be able to judge for yourself after visiting the many areas we experience on the tour.

Are US dollars accepted in Costa Rica?

Yes, but wait until you get here and get advice from us on how to exchange your dollars. DO NOT EXCHANGE AT ANY US BANK OR ANY AIRPORT.

Does anyone speak ENGLISH down there?

Yes, it is a required course in all of the schools.

Has the slump in the world economy affected real estate in Costa Rica?

Slightly, depending on the area of interest and how unrealistic prices were before the world slump.

What is the best time of year to visit Costa Rica?

Most of us who live here prefer the ‘rainy season’. It is lush green with sunny mornings and cool afternoons with tropical rains increasing from May through November. You should spend time in the area in which you become interested in both March (the driest month) and October (the rainiest month).

What documents will I need to enter Costa Rica?

You will need a valid passport and a valid driver’s license if you plan to drive.