Continuing to Grow!

Continuing to Grow!

We continue to grow this community with more people returning from past tours to rent or buy homes. There are now 3 couples living in their new homes the Gallas Vista project in Grifo Alto and 1 couple living in their new home in the Bajo Burgos project.

We started the next Spec home on lot 1 of 3 in Bajo Burgos. You can watch photos of construction progress at:

It took 7 days with an average of 5 men to get the foundation ready for the walls to go up. We are expecting the walls to start going up Monday Jan 3. They should be ready for the roof to start by Wed Jan 5. These walls are custom cast of a patented mixture of concrete, recycled Styrofoam, and steel. They exceed ALL earthquake requirements and are 30% less weight than conventional block.

We started the home on Lot 4 for Dr John Leonard in my 1st project here at Magic Hillside Retreats Monday Jan 27th. You can watch photos of construction progress at:

There is now only 1 lot in this project that does not have a home. It is lot 3 which came back on the market when the 1st Owners got a divorce. It is very similar to and right below Dr John’s lot. It is priced at $75,000.


This lot has ½ acre with 2 levels and lots of fruit & flower plants.





To see photos of the great Jan 2014 tour & some of the great new homes we visit:

Villas Gallavista

We expect all permitting to be complete and start building 2 new homes for customers in Villas Gallavista project in March.



The above 2 virtuals are for the house is on lot 11 Villas Galavista.

We expect all permitting to be complete and start building new Spec house on lot 3 of 3 in Bajo Burgos project in February.



This house should begin in February.

Next month we will be featuring the new houses on lots 1 & 2 in Villas Gallavista.