About George

George Lundquist

Founder of CRRSS and your Guide to what could be
the best part of your life!!!!
I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1965 with a AA in Electrical Engineering and a BA in Industrial Psychology and started work at Texas Instruments in Dallas, moving to Texas to escape the cold. I completed most of the course work for an MBA at the University of Texas, Dallas.
I left Texas Instruments to go to work for Haggar Slacks. Three years later I had a chance to move to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas as the VP of Manufacturing for the Southern Division of Haggar Slacks. After 13 years, it was time for a change and I started my own business, Calidad Electronics, Inc. close to the Mexican border.

I received the University of Texas,

Pan American School of Business,

Entrepreneur of the year 1989

My Company made a profit every year from its inception and earned placement in the

INC. Magazine’s 500 Fastest growing, PROFITABLE companies in the USA for

1990 & 1991.

We were selected as an IBM “SHOWCASE FACTORY” for our manufacturing, quality, and efficiency systems.

We received a near perfect score from AT&T Bell Labs for our quality systems

After selling Calidad Electronics, Inc. to an IPO from New York in 1993 I did freelance Management and Engineering consulting for companies in the Telecommunications, Meals Ready to Eat, Powder Coating, and Bass Boat business’.

By 2001, after several successive large losses in the stock market, at 62 years old, it became clear we would have to learn how to live on our Social Security income or try and become a Walmart Greeter.

We fell in LUST with and moved to Costa Rica. After living in one of the many beautiful rural areas for a short time, I decided to start a tour operation to show others who might not want or need to live in a highly promoted, tightly gated, guarded, community with it’s high prices, heavy traffic, and materialistic, hectic lifestyle, how incredibly fun and healthy life can be.

We have now lived over 17 years better than we ever could have dreamed, here, in

Costa Rica!!!

~ George Lundquist