Excerpts from 15 years of testimonials

  1. Here are some key excerpts from over 15 years of tour guests testimonials. Please feel free to contact any of them by email to confirm the value of their time with me and how they are doing now.

       March 2018 Guests fro Monterrey, Ca who had owned property some years ago in SW Costa Rica.

As I review other “testimonials” on your website, I see that our experience has been shared by others – the honest, clear, “open kimono” approach to what life is like for ex-pats in Costa Rica was not only immensely informative but we feel like we have a large collection of new friends!

I echo the expressions of appreciation from your other guests: the kindness and generosity of you, Aija, and the many people we met was such a treat.  We so appreciated the opportunity to hear from a wide variety of people about their experiences, without any sense that anyone was selling us on anything.

Probably a highlight for me was watching and listening to the local ticos as they interacted with you and with others talking about you (speaking in Spanish, so it was not for my benefit!).  It is clear that you are respected and appreciated for your involvement in the communities of Puriscal and San Ramon.  That is as important to me (possibly even more so) than the satisfaction of the ex-pats!

With appreciation,

Karen and Larry Sill


 March 2017 Guests Jon and Chris from Denver Colorado  (jonlaporte043@gmail.com

I would first like to give a very humbled and personal thanks to you for the knowledgeable, experienced, and enlightening tour.

To every potential person thinking of retiring in Costa Rica, I tell you this. I looked at Costa Rica for 2 years, and I dreamed of it far longer. I did the International Living website, I put in tons of computer research, I made my plan,then we came. We were on George’s March 2017. tour. George’s tour is actually more of an experience than a tour. Yes he gives you information over load, and yes you meet many, many of his friends , which brought us to the understanding, that he and Aija are very much, a special kind of people. When you go, you are going to meet a whole community of people just like them. …………

 Cheryl & Mike Coats Feb 2017 tour       clcoats@sbcglobal.net

Mike and I wanted to thank you again for taking us on your tour last month. We learned SO MUCH useful information that will help us make the decision whether to move to CR (I think that decision’s already been made since we got home), where to move, and what to look for in a home. You truly do have a wealth of information that would have taken us years, if ever, to accumulate ourselves. Taking your tour was a great investment!

Sept 2016 Guests from Delaware, Deborah and Bill.. simplyfitbydeb@gmail.com

We are finally settled back into our home and routine in Delaware, USA and feeling so thankful for such an incredibly fun, educational and relaxing trip to such a wonderful place….Costa Rica.  We went to research the possibility of finding a place to retire but found a playground to start our second childhood and found lots of new friends to play and share a good life with !!  You all went way above the call of welcoming potential expats into your neighborhoods.  You gave us such an honest and exciting view of what our lives could actually look like in a place of such beauty and joy.  We fell in love with the people of Costa Rica.  Their smiles and genuine care made us feel so welcome, and it was so comforting to meet those that have had the same dreams of retirement and made them come true.  We thank you all for helping us to see ourselves healthier and happier in such a nice environment.

George, you are amazing!!  Yes, we did our best to keep up with “General George” in his bootcamp of learning, and we truly “got it” when it comes to your philosophy…”living in the view”.  You did an amazing job to teach us what we needed to know about relocating to Costa Rica, and the laughter and fun you added into the journey was wonderful.  Your lovely wife, Aija was so warm and adorable and she made us feel so welcome.  As did all those that came to the expat dinner at your home….

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