Custom Tours / Vehicle Rental

Vehicle Rental and Custom Tour Options

Why rent only a vehicle when you can get a licensed, knowledgeable Driver and our Air Conditioned Tour Bus for just a little more??

You can rent the same ICT Licensed, Insured Driver and the Tour Bus I use for my tours.

He knows the best way to get to where you want to go and he knows many options of where to stay and eat when you get there.

I would be happy to set up an itinerary for you, which could include regular Tourist places as well as some of my “Benchmark” places to live.

You can focus all of your attention to the beautiful scenery and relax rather than stressing out with the traffic, unknown roads, and trying to find a good place to eat.

Happy Travelers


$250 per full day inclusive of fuel and also inclusive of driver’s food and accommodation.

Contact him direct or contact me and I will reserve the dates you want to use him.

Oscar Castro Corrales
Turismo Nacional Servicios Especiales
Phone: 8854-41-64 / 2410-28-50

Contact me via the contact page or telephone for the very latest and best advice.

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