Chronic Pain Advice

As a travel perk to fellow future ex-pats, previous guest Dr. John Leonard is offering tour participants 50% off his proven, safe and effective NeuroBehavioral Pain Management Program. NBP® teaches you how to reduce and often completely turn off pain, for hours at a time, using only verbal cues and your mind. Dr. Leonard invented the breakthrough NBP training after years of working with pain patients, and now teaches it worldwide with guaranteed results. It’s so easy and effective, you can learn it over the phone!

Dr. Leonard knows first hand about falling in love with Costa Rica on George Lundquist’s tours… he did, and now owns a beautiful lot in Dos Vistas del Pacifico. Viva la pura vida! As a friend of the tour, John has generously offered to treat one person or couple on every one of our tours without charge! Enter to win our drawing and you could receive NBP® training and instructions for a pain free travel holiday absolutely FREE! (Details below)

If you’re thinking about the tour but are worried aches and pains will get in the way, watch NBP® in action on the PBS series Healing Quest and discover how NBP® can teach you to turn off pain with words not medicine, reduce your stress, and increase your joy and enthusiasm for life.

So what’s stopping you? Register for George Lundquist’s tour and to BE PAIN FREE. And be sure to enter the drawing for free training by typing “bepainfree” in the comments section. If you’re selected, John or a member of his staff will call before your tour and give you NBP® training by phone — your gateway to a greatly enhanced Costa Rican experience, pain free, stress free, and free of charge!

Enter “bepainfree” in comments to enter FREE Training drawing!

All George’s guests qualify for the 50% treatment discount. Find out more about the NBP® pain solution at

Dr John is already changing many lives here in our area. Here is one of his first local patient’s outcomes:

“Coming from a difficult background that left me in chronic pain I have had much to overcome.

Soon after my husband and I relocated to Costa Rica this year I heard about Dr. John Leonard’s Be Pain Free program now available in Costa Rica. In just three easy and fun sessions with John I have learned how turn off my physical pain, stress and negative emotions in just seconds. And I have to tell you–the relief is just amazing. People have commented how I look younger and how my voice is softer than before. And several people who know me have even asked if I have had a secret face lift!

I highly recommend you contact Dr. John too. You have nothing to lose but your pain (and a few wrinkles!) You can even learn the program over the telephone!

Linda Beavis, Costa Rica



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