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March Regular Tour and More!

Continuing to Expand! After some delays with getting the plans through the approval process we have the Building permit for Dr John’s house on lot 4 of our 1st project here at Dos Vistas del Pacifica. The foundation was completed in Feb and now we have the

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Continuing to Grow!

Continuing to Grow! We continue to grow this community with more people returning from past tours to rent or buy homes. There are now 3 couples living in their new homes the Gallas Vista project in Grifo Alto and 1 couple living in their new home in

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The REAL Story on Property Insurance

Our guests come from all walks of life and from every tax bracket imaginable. Regardless of YOUR tax bracket, if you are considering living permanently in Costa Rica, you must consider a fact of life: property tax. You will be pleased to know that property tax in

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Veterinary Care

Many of the people who go on my tours are thinking about retiring in Costa Rica. Many of these people have pets and wonder if veterinay care is available in Costa Rica.  We are all happy to brag about the SUPER-CARING and INEXPENSIVE vets in each of

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Medical IS Affordable in Costa Rica

Anyone thinking of retiring in Costa Rica should think about how to handle medical expenses. In Costa Rica, not only is medical affordable, but it is readily available in most areas and, for most of us, better quality. You will be able to decide for yourself after

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The Food in Costa Rica

A common question asked of me by folks coming to take my tour is, “What is the food like in Costa Rica?” The answer is simple: just about any kind of food that you can imagine! You can eat at 5-star restaurants or like most of us,

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