There are only 2 things in life you HAVE TO DO.

1. Die 2. Make decisions

Your death is inevitable, so maybe before that happens you should consider this……

Is it time for you to look at making a decision that could result in a much better lifestyle for the time you have left?

Tim and George want to help you see if Costa Rica is right for you!

It is not too late for you to look at your current life situation to discover if you can live and/or work in a better climate, reduce your negative stress, and your major expenses like Property tax, Income tax, and Medical/Dental expenses AND IMPROVE your OVERALL HEALTH.

When are you going to get serious about how you want to spend the rest of your life?

Costa Rica is the 1st choice for many people of many incomes, educations, and sociabilities !!

“After taking George’s tour last October, my husband’s and my future suddenly materialized before us and our goal focused on purging our US stuff, all for arranging and planning a move to Costa Rica.” More

Be sure and watch this 1 minute video in full screen!

Don’t move to Costa Rica without first doing your Due Diligence. Check out our retirement relocation tour of Costa Rica’s Central Valley. Learn the Good, Bad and Ugly about expat life in Costa Rica

Objective Location Evaluation

View this video to see testimonials from people who have successfully made the move to Costa Rica using Retire in Costa Rica on SS services.

Medical/Dental Advantages

Good and affordable healthcare in Costa Rica is important if you want to move to Costa Rica and retire here. For that reason, public and private health care is probably #1 on your bucket list of issues that will decide if you will make the step or not. LEARN MORE

We offer retirement/relocation tours for people looking for a place to live with a Naturally Healthier Lifestyle!

You will learn about many more QUALITY OF LIFE options than the highly advertised “Gringo” communities.


John bringing a presentation to the group

Guests at Harvey & Karen’s for Brownies & more information

Guests at Escazu
Shopping Center

John wrote a song extolling expat life. That song has been adopted into a short music video highlighting George Lundquist’s Central Valley Retirement Tour.